Process your requests

For each new testing job you will receive an email with the testing details.

If you are interested, please contact the customer. Please note that we always get in touch with several labs with each testing project. Hence, we recommend that you reach out to the customer within 48 hours, in case you are interested.

In your login area, you will see an overview of all your received requests, as well as the contact details of the customers. you are also able to accept or decline testing projects within your login area.

Add colleagues to requests

If you are interested in a request, you can add more colleagues for processing this request. Here you can get more information.

Contact person

Are you the correct contact person for testing projects at your company? Change Contact Person

The contact details of the suitable contact person for testing projects and the usage of testxchange can be edited in your user profile.

Your lab profile

A general description of your lab profile can be found and edited here.

Additional labs

You have successfully registered your lab with testxchange. Do you have more companies which you would like to register?

Please send us the necessary information via email (, specifying the company name, contact name and email address, in order to invite another lab to register with testxchange.

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