If you want to request labs via testxchange, you have to fill out our request form first. Please specify here information about the test, the sample and the project.

Test details

Please state here which kind of test should be conducted and which testing standards are relevant for the test. Additionally, you can add alternative testing standards, lab accreditations and special requirements.
If you have these and further test information in document form, you may also upload these documents. As a file format we recommend the PDF format, as it can be opened with almost any browser.

Sample details

In the next section, you can specify details of the test object. Please enter here the object / material that you want to be tested. In addition, you can fill in the sample specification and enter the number, size and weight of the sample.

Project details

In the following step, please specify the purpose of the test and set its earliest start date. You can also set a latest closing date and the estimated project cost. By clicking on "Save & continue", you submit your testing request, which will then be validated by the testxchange team.

Complete testing request

In the last step you can confirm that you would like to make your request visible as a request for proposal to labs (highly recommended) and, if applicable, indicate labs that you have already contacted for this project. 

By clicking on "Complete and find labs" you will be forwarded to the first search results based on the information provided. If you would like to view lab names and contact details of the search results, you can optionally order the testxchange PROFESSIONAL service package. Otherwise, just sit back and wait for offers for your testing request.

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