Upload files

You have the option to upload files for the specification of the test, e.g. test or sample descriptions.

  • You can upload the files directly in the field provided when creating the request.
  • Of course, you can also upload files later by clicking on "Edit request" in the detail view of the request. All requested labs will be informed immediately by email.

To upload a file, simply drag the file into the space provided or click the blue background text to select the file. In some circumstances, e.g. for larger files, uploading may take a few minutes. Please wait until the file name appears above the box. Then you can complete the process.

Please note that you can upload a maximum of 5 files, each up to 20 MB. As a file format we recommend PDF, because this can be viewed comfortably on most browsers.

Any laboratory that has accepted your request can now download these files.

Deleting files

You can easily delete uploaded files by clicking "Edit data" in your order. There you will see your uploaded files in the field "Test specification documents". You delete the file by clicking on the red x next to the file name.

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