Creating requests

To create an inquiry, fill out the online request form.
As a FREE user, you will receive an offer as soon as a suitable lab has been found for your request. As a PROFESSIONAL user, you can search for and request labs yourself.

Add colleagues to requests

After creating a request, you can add more colleagues for processing this request. They can communicate with the lab, accept offers or cancel requests. Here you can get more information.

Status overview

Requests may be in different states, depending on how far the project is progressed. Depending on the status, various options are available.

ALL REQUESTS: Overview of your requests
IN PROCESS: Requests for which no lab has yet been commissioned
LAB COMMISSIONED: Inquiries for which you have already selected a lab
COMPLETED: Completed projects
ARCHIVE: projects that have been canceled

You can find more detailed information here.

Manage your requests

In the detail view of your request you can edit, pause, finish or cancel your request and open the chat. In addition, you have the options to commission or reject labs and to request additional labs.

More information is available here.

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