As a registered lab, you have the option to add more information about your lab to your profile. This increases your chances of being found by potential customers and it makes it easier for us to send you suitable requests.

In the section "Lab Profile" you can choose to view or edit your lab profile.

You can edit your services in your login area at "Edit Lab Profile"> "Services".

Selected test areas

In the section "Selected test areas", choose one or more test areas that best match the performance of your lab. You can either enter the different sections directly or reach them as a drop-down menu with one click in the input field.

Specification of Services

The section 'Specification of Services' contains several fields where you can enter the following information:

  • Test methods / services offered
    Here you can list different methods or services that you offer. Please do not enter your testing standards here, you can edit them in your login area at "Edit Lab Profile" in the "Testing Standards" section. Here you get more information.
  • Available machines / laboratory equipment / devices
    This field allows you to specify your machines, equipment and devices.
  • Material categories of material analytics
    This field only appears if you have selected a section of material analysis as test area. Please enter the material categories for which you offer a material analysis.
  • Test objects / materials
    Please specify all objects and materials for which you are offering testing here.
  • Certifications / authorizations / supported regulations
    Here you can specify your certifications and other authorizations. Where and how to upload your accreditations can be found here.
  • General laboratory description
    Here you have the option to describe your laboratory with a short text.

For our suggest drop-down list, just type in the first two letters of the desired word in the input field and select the correct term from the list.

Relevant documents for your lab

In this section, you can upload relevant documents for further specification of your lab. This can, for example, be an overview of your testing services, technical specifications of your machines, certifications, authorizations, etc. Find out where to upload your accreditation certificates here.

To upload a file, simply drag it into the box or click the blue text to select the files. In some circumstances, e.g. for larger files, uploading may take a few minutes. Please wait until the file name appears above the box. Then you can complete the process.

Please note that you can upload a maximum of 20 files, each with a maximum of 20 MB. As file format we recommend PDF.

To delete a document, just click on the red "x" next to the name of the file.

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