As a registered lab, you have the option to add more information about your lab to your profile. This increases your chances of being found by potential clients and it makes it easier for us to send you suitable requests.

In the section "Lab profile" you can choose to view or edit your lab profile.

You can edit your accreditations in your login area at "Edit lab profile"> "Accreditations".

There you can give details of your accreditations by indicating the accreditation body, the accreditation standard and the accreditation number. In addition, please upload your accreditation certificate by clicking on the corresponding button. In some cases, e.g. with larger files, uploading may take a few minutes. Please wait until the file name appears in the box.

Please note that you can upload a certificate with a maximum of 20 MB per accreditation. As a file format we recommend PDF, xls or csv.

To add more accreditations, please click on 'Add new accreditation'.

Click on the red 'x' to delete a file. You can delete the entry for accreditation by clicking on the waste bin symbol on the right side.

Please note that the selection of accreditation bodies and accreditation standards is currently limited. If you would like to add more than the existing ones, please contact us: +49 30 3465581 40 or send an email to

You can edit the testing standards of the accreditation certificates in your login area under "Edit lab profile" in the "Testing standards" section. You'll find more about it here.

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