As a registered lab, you have the option to add more information about your lab to your profile. This increases your chances of being found by potential clients and it makes it easier for us to send you suitable requests.

In the section "Lab profile" you can choose to view or edit your lab profile.

You can enter information on your contact person on your login page at "Lab profile"> 'Edit lab profile'. Then click on the 'Contact person' field.

Please enter here the contact details of your lab's contact person who should be the first contact for potential clients. These details will be forwarded to the client, who then gets in touch with the contact person.

The contact person may differ from the owner of the account. The account owner's data is used for login and communication with testxchange. All emails from testxchange will be sent to the email address of the account owner. The details of the account (eg. login email address) can be edited here.

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