Send invitation

After creating a request, you can add more colleagues for processing this request. Simply click on the options menu of the desired request and select "Add colleagues". Alternatively, you can also select this in the detail view of the request.

Detail view:

Enter the email address of your colleagues in the appearing window and press enter. Then you can write a message and send the invitation. Invitees will be notified by email and can register to testxchange. After registration they can process the requests and they can be added to further requests. By clicking on "Remove", you can remove invitees from collaborating on the request.

ATTENTION: The first invitation will only work if the person to be invited is not yet registered on testxchange.

Rights of the invited person

In the email, the invitee is asked to create a testxchange account. Once this is done, this person can perform the following actions on the request that he  / she has been invited to:

  • communicate with the lab via chat
  • read the chat history
  • view the offer
  • cancel the request

The following actions can only be performed by the administrator of the account:

  • edit the user profile
  • edit new requests
  • invite or remove other colleagues to / from the request

The invitee gets an own testxchange account and can:

  • create and edit own requests
  • invite or remove other colleagues to / from own requests

Chat feature

When several people edit a request, they can all communicate with the lab and read all the messages sent. The interlocutor sees who is involved in the chat and who wrote the message.

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